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How music has always been there for me

"Music has always given me the wings to fly and escape to more beautiful and harmonious places. When I listen to music, I feel stronger, I feel that I can forget my problems. The lyrics and melody make my mind feel free to travel.

Since I was a child, I turned to music when I didn’t feel well or when something bothered me. At night, when everyone had fallen asleep, my little radio helped me forget everything. I felt joy listening to stories about people, lovers, suffering, happiness and sadness. The magic of music made everything seem small and insignificant. As a piano player, music made me feel that whatever I was going through at the time would pass, and would in turn become a beautiful song that would travel to other people and give them strength and hope.

Music is universal and eternal. It speaks to the hearts of people regardless of age, nationality, gender, class, or ideology, and shakes them to the core. It makes us see a truth we might have forgotten for a while because, in the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye". It’s so important that music has the ability to remind us of that.

Music is always there; for the moments when something goes wrong, when we think that we’re losing, when we forget our strength and succumb to life’s difficulties. Music supports us and raises us up, it reminds us of our strength, our lost hope and optimism. How can you not find optimism again when music accompanies you through life?"

I assure you, whatever your problem is right now, it’s okay to find distraction in music. Until life gets better, I would like to share with you some of my personal playlists that have always managed to calm me down and lift my mood during the years. They are a personal gift to all you out there who, at times, struggle to keep up with this harsh reality that we are experiencing right now.

Let music guide your feelings and your body, either by dancing by yourself all dressed up in your house or just by relaxing on your sofa and letting your mind travel through the sounds of music.

And don’t forget my personal motto: after a hurricane comes a rainbow! Music will always be the ray of sunshine that will help you find your personal rainbow in times when it seems that it will be raining forever.

Have a look at the following playlists that I curated with songs that are important to me and I hope that they help you feel as good as they make me feel:

1. A playlist to inspire you and calm you down with beautiful instrumental sounds “Follow your red balloon” http://spoti.fi/38xlu1y

2. An uplifting playlist to boost your energy “Let’s get moving” http://spoti.fi/38thUFW

3. A playlist to feel like you’re travelling mentally, now that we cannot travel physically “Exotic Vibes” http://spoti.fi/3btHbSa


Maria Chondrozoumaki

Maria is a doctor. She believes there is no health without mental health and she is dreaming of the day when mental health problems will no longer be a taboo and everyone will have access to a mental health professional. Maria loves art in all its forms, music, photography and books.